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Volunteerism Services Office


Volunteerism Services Office

The 文化 of Volunteerism is an integral part of the University. Its stakeholders developed a highly dynamic and various civic engagements through the years.  The readiness of its volunteers was further enhanced and encouraged when the Volunteerism Services s Office was created.

Its mission is to uphold and inculcate volunteerism as a way of life and be engaged as responsible citizens in the service to humanity. It gives each volunteers an opportunity and privilege of making a lasting impact on the lives of other people.

The Office seeks to establish mutual stakeholders’ 的关系 and community development by providing Corporate Social Responsibility Programs focused on the areas of education, 文化, livelihood skills development, environment and disaster, emergency response and relief operation. 

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Inspired by the Founder’s, (Dr. Nicanor Reyes Sr) call to serve, a call to nobility and heroism as  expressed in his message which he once said that: “One’s success has often been gauged in terms of the material wealth one accumulates. Higher ethical considerations, 然而, demand that the worth of the individual be measured by the quality of service that he renders to the community.“因此, “not only self-interest but also public welfare should direct one’s energies and summon one’s zeal.”

用这个, we strongly believe that the worth of every bit of volunteer works we render for community development is beyond the call of duty. Maximum utilization of volunteers through   sharing and building skills, 的关系, bonds and resources are cost-effective means of service engagement, towards positive outcomes. University stakeholders across departments at various levels are now on board and devoted to render voluntary services without expecting anything in return.

Guided by the University’s core values Fortitude, Excellence and Uprightness, each one in the 靠谱的菠菜网推荐 community has the full potential and expertise to share and offer excellent services. Thus the 文化 of volunteerism is fully exercised through unified and collaborative efforts called “TAMBayanihan” among its genuine and dedicated volunteers called “TAMBayani”.

Volunteerism Services Office


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Volunteerism Services Office

Far Eastern University
3rd Floor, Administration Building, 靠谱的菠菜网推荐 Campus, Nicanor Reyes Street, Sampaloc
Manila, Philippines, 1015
Office Hours: M-F, 8:00am – 5:00pm
电子邮件: volunteer@ipokedots.com

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  • Tel No: +63 (2)-87777-338 (trunkline)

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